Tags for ebooks help make them discoverable

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Jun 232012

Tagging for my ebook in Amazon’s kindle store coupled with my kdp select free day promotion on Wednesday of this week appears to have greatly helped my placement in the results for some tags. The tag of “humorous crime thriller” has been particularly helped.

When I search for “humorous crime thriller” in kindle store ebooks this evening, Tangled Ties to a Manatee is #6, on the first page of results for over 200 ebooks listed. That’s great placement for readers using that specific search term. When I check for those published within the past 90 days, Tangled Ties to a Manatee is #1 listed. In both the overall list and the 90-days published list, there are other ebooks listed below mine that have much better paid sales ranking. That’s why I believe it has to be an effect of having a good free promotion day and a well-tagged ebook.

It is yet to be seen whether this translates into better sales. “Humorous crime thriller” may not be a frequent search term used, but it accurately depicts my debut novel in its genre. Such search results do make the book more discoverable to readers searching than those ebooks placed lower in the list. (I realize the final ebook listed may also be preferable to those lost in the middle, but that’s more another topic.)

So, at least in conjunction with recent kdp select free promotion days, it appears that tags can help a novel be more discoverable on Amazon than higher paid sales. This effect may be only for a limited time, but I appreciate this unanticipated benefit of kdp select’s free promotion days and tagging, though I can’t vouch for whether tags or free day sales or some algorithm for the combination therein is responsible.





Less than 3 hours for free

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Jun 202012

After less than three hours with it available for free (appears Amazon starts the free promo day usually within the hour after 6 AM EST), already have more downloads of my debut novel than I had in the first six weeks of availability. Sales rank information seems to have disappeared from the kindle page for a while, so will see if Amazon algorithms reinstate that later in the day.

With limited information so far, will have to see how quickly information for authors becomes available as the day progresses. Will say I’m pleased overall so far with it.

The link is here.

On June 20th, (Summer Solstice) – free ebook on Amazon

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Jun 112012

Gearing up for the day when “Tangled Ties to a Manatee” will be emphasized on a limited number of sites for the first time as free for a day. After that, I will make more decisions regarding how to make my debut novel more easily discoverable for readers in July.

The ebook is still exclusive to Amazon and will remain so through early August. After that, plan to have it available in more forms on more sites.

The link for the ebook, again, available for free on Amazon.com on June 20th is here.

I hope that readers enjoy it.