Welcome to kalencap.com


Welcome to kalencap.com.

My debut novel is now available.



To view the novel’s kindle ebook page on Amazon.com and preview the first three chapters via the “Look Inside” feature, please click here.


To view the novel’s paperback page an Amazon.com, please click here.


The ebook is also available For the Nook at Barnes & Noble. Please click here.

The ebook is alos distributed via Smashwords. For the novel’s page on Smashwords, please click here.

The most recent material on the site is likely to be on my blog.

To get started,  –

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  1. Kalen, saw your blog post (couldn’t comment on it for some reason). Just an FYI–I had my novel Ring of Fire with KDP Select for three full months, ending yesterday. I also have another novel NOT enrolled in KDP Select. The results? Identical. I would strongly recommend building up a half dozen or so reviews before offering a giveaway (at least that’s what I’m doing), so people don’t think they’re among the first to read something. That’s the hard part–getting real, organic reviews. Friends and family are good, but not as convincing. Also not convincing when ALL the reviews are 5-star. Hope it goes well for you and thought I’d pass that along. You might also contact Derek Dowell–he’s got a blog going that sounds like your book might be suited for: http://floridapulpfiction.com/

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